Friday, October 21, 2005

the ban is lifted

The radio silence is over
please prepare for exciting updates on the lives of us
Edmundl bursting with joy

Friday, July 22, 2005

Break a leg

Nobody likes Edmundl's joke that she nicked from big brother….if I had 2 fish I'd call them one and two, that way if one died I'd still have two
(works better when you tell it the right way round of course - some confusion when Edmundl told it wrong. There then was a heated debate about whether you'd end up with one fish or no fish should one fish die)

Debates over what the nickname for our old friend BobbyN was…..suggestions it was "fluffy" from Chappers and Dodge were met with a barrage of swearing from Mr fluffy himself

Edmundl has a new idea to bring people closer together and show off their true potential….Edmundl shall be setting up the 6th floor amateur dramatics after work club! This year's plays will include Romeo and Juliet (prizes for who Romeo will be and complimentary private heathcare for the winner of the Juliet role should there be some tiffs in the decision), Charlie and the Choclate factory (but who would play Augustus Gloup???) and North West side story. For further suggestions please leave a comment.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sheds has his own tv show!

It's all about the dogging for today's blogging ….the best doggingspot has been identified ….Tallsy's quiet surburban street is 'the place to go'

Lets kick the tires off this one - Tallsy learning the business jargon in readiness for his departure

Dave Rni is going in for dental surgery next week. Rumours are that he's getting a bling gold nugget installed

Spent some time in the stairwell today, hot and noisy and far too much fun

Save Tallsy campaign a success - powerpoint man will fly again

Sheds is famous - so much so that there's a regular tv-programme in his honour!!!!! Check it out 7:55pm every night this week

Drinks to celebrate the canning of the project last night - loose tongues and dodgy dancing preceded the next day's embarressment and hangovers. Spanish princess reported to have spent some quality time with those fine fellows huey and luey

Friday, July 15, 2005

Save Tallsy campaign

Nothing wrong with farmers wives, they're all filthy they are….Dave Rni airing his views on the kind of women the Spanish princess and Edmundl should be using as a role model

Tallsy unable to make it into the office due to ineffective trains, a sunny day and the locality of the barbeque

New campaign begun….a bit like save the whales in that we're going to blubber should it not work out but rather Tallsy. The banners and 'Save Tallsy' t-shirts have been ordered and the leafleting of all the desks on 6th will commence early next week…Expect to see him touring round on an open top london bus with a megaphone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

one flight to Schnapple please

Visit from Peppe le peuw - rumour has it he can only see the front and the hair dresser didn't use a mirror to show him the back, he used a photograph.

Marvin picks up the pink shirt gauntlet and might I say he wears it well

Rumours circulating that Fitboy is receiving loveletters in internal mail….no-one has claimed responsibility yet though Stilleto's is looking sheepish

If you were a shoemaker wouldn't you look into the business potential of making flip flops for caterpillars? Flip, flop, flap, flup…

Tallsy needs to be in Amsterdam tomorrow so booking his flight on the phone. 'Can I fly to Schnapple airport?' Isn't that a fruit drink? Surely he means Schipol? …Ok it wasn't Tallsy this time

Spanish princess insists she wasn't drunk at the Irish wedding

Edmundl concerned that she 'll be tallsy's age when the olympics comes round- edmundl just can't imagine being that old!
Following the success of the corporate fun run there are now discussions of how we shall take part in the olympics - Obviously Tallsy shall be entering with his parkour skills, Biggles showing off his loopdeloops and Arms on the shimmyshakes. There should be some points earned for stilts skills from Stilleto too.

Are those spaghetti straps? Adherance to the dress code policy in question

Speak up shedders…..sorry, what, can't hear you

Stationary order requested - Lord H is looking for some lead for his pencil

Doesn't Beenandgone look fab in a dress!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Casual Wear

Ladders appears to have misread the 'smart casual' e-mail and has taken to wearing 'going to a 70s disco night casual'. Surely someone should have a word.

Lord H has remained be-suited.

Smallsy still denying that he is Kemal in Big Brother.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Recruitment for the foreign legion

Tallsy tallsy quite contrary how does your garden grow?....Miracle grow really does make a difference to the shrubs - though Edmundl concerned about the ingredients …..Confirmation that it contains Fish!!!! And more upsettingly, Fish food is made from fish too! Edmundl feeding her goldfish with their anscestors! Appauled. So what is dog food made of?

Dodge introduced to Blog - returned to fight for the footy side…against…um, where have they all gone?

Smally considering signing up for the french foreign legion after last night's documentary

Excitement builds as the charity fun run looms - Sheds and his women all keen to demonstrate the passion of their performance on the track

Mr Julie gives up his cherry for the team

Madge gives up on the natural deoderant crystals and considers the alternatives - no word on how Sheds is getting on with his experiment

Dress down rules causing some dismay - discussions over the suitability of fleeces rage on both sides of the workplace